2nd Node, LLC is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) founded in 2009 by a joint partnership between Advancial Federal Credit Union (Advancial) and University Federal Credit Union (University).  The CUSO was developed by Information Technology (IT) departments to ensure that 2nd Node delivers the highest level of service expected by credit union members.  For this endeavor Advancial and University teamed up to design and build a facility that would serve as the foundation for IT survivability utilizing infrastructure to create redundancy at every level.

There was a great deal of planning that went into finding the most optimal location site and the logistics of the facility.  2nd Node offers services to other credit unions and organizations that require a data center co-location facility, disaster recovery services, and/or tertiary backup systems.  The location, high security in place, state-of-the-art equipment, and large capacity make 2nd Node’s data center an ideal place for a financial institution’s primary or secondary IT location.

The unique location of the facility along with redundant and diverse entry for telecommunication services and power make 2nd Node a key part of IT survivability for Advancial.  University, located in Austin, Texas, is using 2nd Node for disaster recovery, co-location facility for secondary systems and as a tertiary back up site and 2nd Node will assists in supporting their equipment as well.  By utilizing 2nd Node, University is able to provide the assurance to employees and members that all IT devices and programs will continue to run smoothly and without interruptions.
The unique location of the facility along with redundant and diverse entry for telecommunication, network and power services make this operation a key part of IT survivability for Advancial.

Steve Flanery, AVP - Information Technology at Advancial