With the ever growing need to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase capacity, credit unions are increasingly looking at outsourced solutions as an alternative delivery model. Each credit union’s culture and unique strategy determines whether it utilizes in-house deployment or outsourcing for its core processing system. For credit unions looking to host their Symitar core software in a state-of-the-art data center facility, 2nd Node can help.
With 2nd Node Production Hosting, credit unions benefit from our extensive infrastructure and sophisticated processing environment. Production Hosting with 2nd Node helps credit unions eliminate both the capital expenditures required for in-house installations and the need for employee resources to operate and manage in-house hardware and software. In addition to providing secure access to the Episys core data processing platform, 2nd Node incorporates the latest in server and SAN-based data storage technology.

Service & Support

For more information regarding 2nd Node, our services, and/or to speak with a representative please call (972) 201-1851 or email us at:

Key Benefits

  • Provides access to core Episys functionality that is identical to in-house installations.
  • Incorporates strict regulatory compliance, ongoing security support, and disaster recovery capabilities.
  • Reduce capital expenses.
  • Manage your core data processing as an operational expense rather than a capital investment.
  • Reduces the time to deploy the Episys platform.
  • Help ensure compliance with pertinent regulatory requirements.
  • Nightly online backups of Episys system to 2nd Node data center.
  • Nightly encrypted backups of Episys system.
  • Frees you to focus on your core competencies.