Data Center Services

The 2nd Node Business Continuity Data Center is designed to meet the unique needs of credit unions – whether your goal is to replicate real-time data to an off-site facility or co-locate equipment, 2nd Node can provide secure solutions to meet your individual situation. Outsourcing your hot-site can help your credit union not only improve efficiency by saving staff time, but can also serve to reduce overall expenses. The 2nd Node Business Continuity Centers are managed to the highest standards in the industry.
The 2nd Node suite of products and data center services includes (but is not limited to) Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Smart Hands Support, Application Hosting and Data Vaulting.
Over the years, we have exceeded our clients’ expectations regarding security and data center access.  The 2nd Node data center leverages advanced standards in data center infrastructure, including biometric readers, card scanners and person traps as standard methods to validate legitimate access to our data center infrastructure.
Power Availability
Multiple levels of redundancy are built into our data center infrastructure, helping to protect your power load during potential events. In the event of a power failure, we provide N+1 UPS redundancy, generator backup along with Dual/Diverse rack power distribution to provide maximum protection. Static transfer switches also protect your power load during emergencies. With multiple levels of protection built into our data center infrastructure, 2nd Node provides an enterprise class power availability service, a Business Continuity Center, and generator power.
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
The 2nd Node data center utilizes:
  • Zoned temperature control systems
  • Multiple air conditioning units to dissipate excess heat
  • N+2 HVAC unit with failure alarm triggers
  • Hot and cold aisle practices to more effectively distribute conditioned air and conserve precious resources
  • Separate overhead and sub-floor HVAC units provide a blanket of conditioned airflow for cold aisle coverage

Network Connectivity
By co-locating your IT infrastructure at the 2nd Node data center, you have dedicated access.  Our internet access service offers you high bandwidth Internet connectivity. 
2nd Node also offers connectivity to multiple network carriers, providing you with additional connectivity options that address your organization’s specialized requirements. We’d be pleased to provide you with further details about the connectivity options that are available.

Service & Support

For more information regarding 2nd Node, our services, and/or 
to speak with a representative please call (972) 201-1851 or email us at: