Tertiary Host Backup

Rising power and cooling costs, space limitations and scarce IT resources can all compromise your efforts to support a fully redundant and secure infrastructure. 2nd Nodes managed continuity services provides you with an IT-ready, resilient and dedicated data center space. It serves to act as your Primary, Secondary or Tertiary Data Center, with high-level physical security capabilities and a range of onsite services
Reduce Infrastructure Costs
2nd Node provides the ability to run and operate nearly any application without managing and maintaining your own costly infrastructure.  2nd Node's Tertiary backup systems are essential in helping your credit union support its offsite Business Continuity initiatives.  The Tertiary Backup key objective is the automated offsite backup of your critical data.
This great backup solution is key should outages occur on your Credit Union’s Production or Failover servers.

Key Benefits

  • Limits the risks of outages and downtime through a dedicated, high-availability backup and recovery environment.
  • Helps support compliance measures for general and industry-specific requirements
  • Helps reduce your ongoing operational expenses minimizing capital expenditures. 
  • Managed Virtual Servers are available with different configurations of memory, disk space, and CPU, and can be customized to meet your organizations performance requirements.