A secure failover backup server maintained and monitored for you by 2nd Node.
Safeguard Data
Failover safeguards all your transactional data in real-time, ensuring that members’ accounts are not affected by an event involving the primary Episys host. Because Failover works in routed and bridged environments, it can take full advantage of your credit union’s current network and hardware infrastructure.
Full Suite of Failover Services
2nd Node offers a secure failover backup server maintained and monitored for you by 2nd Node Operational Staff. Your Symitar transaction data is transferred to this server in near real-time, ensuring your member information is secure. Hosted Failover includes memo post, ATM, state files, nightly update of AIX changes, print queues, Symitar program files, nightly backup, Remote Tran Logging, and Remote Poster. 2nd Node maintains the secondary server and partners with you to monitor these daily transfers.
Minimize Downtime
In the event of an unplanned or scheduled outage, a failover system enables the switch to a secondary server without transferring and loading database backups and logging files. This minimizes system downtime. With 2nd Node Hosted Failover, credit unions have the additional assurance of knowing that their secondary server is protected and kept in optimal condition by 2nd Node engineers. With this hosted solution, credit unions are effortlessly complying with best practices for data storage and continuity.
2nd Node’s Hosted Failover provides your credit union with a secure failover backup server maintained and monitored for you.
  • Provides for the set-up, maintenance, and monitoring of a secondary host in a secure state-of-the-art facility.
  • Provides system backups and failover software for data backup, including near real-time transaction data.
  • Enables processing to be switched to the secondary host, significantly reducing system downtime for both planned and unplanned outages.

Allow 2nd Node to handle the crucial safety net of core processing backup and recovery while you focus on serving your members. With 2nd Node’s Hosted Failover, you can keep an up-to-date copy of your primary server in our remote, secure SSAE 16 Type II Compliant facility. In the event of a primary host outage, you’ll experience a quick recovery with minimal impact on your operations and members.

Key Benefits

Rapid Recovery & Continuous Protection
  • With 2nd Node Failover, switchovers occur without transferring and loading database backups and logging files, saving valuable time in the event of a scheduled or unplanned outage. 
  • Leveraging 2nd Node’s hosted failure capabilities protects your Episys platform from local disasters, preventing data loss or damage and helping your credit union comply with best practices for data storage. 
  • With 2nd Node’s Episys Failover, credit unions are able to resume operations and restore services to members in the shortest time possible.
As part of our long-term strategic plan, University Federal Credit Union realized the need for a secondary data center.  We were fortunate to connect with 2nd Node who maintains a strong relationship-based culture that matched well with University FCU.  We could not have drawn up a better partnership as 2nd Node has proven to be an excellent partner.

Steve Ewers, VP of Information Technology at University Federal Credit Union