SSAE 16 Type II

SSAE 16 Type II and its predecessor, SAS 70, are widely recognized audit standards maintained by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). 
The SSAE audit report allows a Service Organization to provide independent third party verification regarding the state of internal controls that govern the services provided to its user organizations. 
2nd Node’s SSAE 16 audits are performed annually by Auditwerx, Inc. of Palm Harbor, Florida (formerly SAS 70 CPA). 
Requesting a Copy of 2nd Node’s SSAE 16 Audit Report
Customers and prospects may request a copy of 2nd Node’s audit report from their 2nd Node Account Executive. They must sign a standard Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) before receiving a printed or digital copy of the report.

Key Benefits

  • The SSAE 16 audit report allows 2nd Node to provide its customers with independent third-party verification about the state of the internal controls governing the integrity, reliability, effectiveness and security of the services provided.
  • The SSAE 16 Attestation Report can be used by your organization’s financial statement auditors as a substitute for those parties performing their own first-hand audit procedures.
  • Additional confidence in the security and services provided by 2nd Node.

Service & Support

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