Co-Location Facilities

The 2nd Node Co-Location (colo) facilities offer your organization a secure place to physically house your hardware and equipment.  Our facilities are designed and engineered with highly redundant systems in order to maximize availability and to prevent outages.
These facilities are able to provide your organization with a comprehensive approach for server management, connectivity, and security while saving on expense. 
Purely offering space with power and environmental controls, including UPS, power generator, A/C, security, telecom connectivity, etc., is an ongoing need for many institutions.  
Whether housing the primary data center at 2nd Node or utilizing 2nd Node for housing data and/or redundant systems, 2nd Node provides a secure facility with server rack space, power distribution, cages, and environmental controls to meet your requirements.

Co-Location Services

2nd Node Co-Location Services offer data center space for clients to operate their own equipment.
  • Environmental Controls
  • Power Requirements
  • Rack Space
  • Security

Key Benefits

  • Choose co-location cabinet space and power based on your unique requirements (Cages are also available).
  • Available professional services from “Smart Hands” through architecture, design, procurement and installation enable you to deploy faster.
  • Carrier-neutral facility with numerous Telco carriers provides high capacity service with lower-cost choices for backup, Disaster Recovery, synchronization, and more.
  • Personalized managed co-location services are available for customers requiring a specified level of ongoing assistance.