Smart Hands Support

2nd Node provides access to technical expertise in the areas of operations, communications, systems, data management and break/fix support. Clients can be assured that 2nd Node staff can assist in helping them operate in a remote environment by having experts on location that understand the critical nature of systems and network availability, as well as the importance of supporting business operations.

Your Challenge
In today’s environment, organizations of all types are required to stretch their IT budgets as far as possible. Meanwhile, their IT staff are required to address a growing range of day-to-day maintenance requests, while balancing longer-term strategic initiatives and projects. In such an environment, either turn-around times on day-to-day requests or project deadlines for strategic initiatives are bound to suffer.

Our Solution
With 2nd Node’s Smart Hands Support service, we can help you restore focus on strategic IT initiatives by managing routine remote hands services, such as hardware reboots, telecommunications support, rack-and-stack, server updates, and back-ups on your organization’s behalf.
Our broad range of support services include the following:
  • Server Re-Boots, Racks-and-Stacks and Equipment Builds
  • O/S Loads
  • General Network and System Troubleshooting
  • Approved Coordination with Third-Party Vendors
  • Back-up Support
  • Cable Management
  • Cage Visio Drawings

Let us help your organization maintain IT staff productivity and lower your travel costs by preventing trips to the data center for everyday activities. 2nd Node’s expertise in handling support requests benefits organizations of all sizes.

Key Benefits

  • Maintain Focus:  Smart Hands Support Services empowers you to focus on strategic initiatives and projects, while 2nd Node handles everyday maintenance requests.
  • Increase Productivity: By having 2nd Node manage your maintenance activities, your staff can avoid unnecessary trips to data centers, freeing them up to perform other activities.
  • Manage Costs: Reduce travel costs by preventing trips to the data center for everyday activities.
  • Access our Expertise: Smart Hands Support Services are managed by 2nd Node’s IT Infrastructure professionals, who have experience and knowledge that is based on performing maintenance activities on a daily basis. 

Service & Support

For more information regarding 2nd Node, our services, and/or 
to speak with a representative please call (972) 201-1851 or email us at: