Products & Services

2nd Node, L.L.C. is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) developed through the partnership of Advancial Federal Credit Union (Dallas, Texas) and University Federal Credit Union (Austin, Texas). The primary purpose of the CUSO is to allow credit unions to work together to build scale, leverage resources and reduce operating costs related to complimentary technology initiatives.  We offer efficient Business Continuity Services, flexible workspace designs for testing purposes, exceptional standards of security through firewalls and intrusion detection software and are able to host outside data centers and colocation through virtual server technology. Other services include Cloud-Based Computing, Data Replication, and WAN Optimization.

Private Cloud Computing – 2nd Node Private Cloud provides clients the ability to store data and system files, electronically vault system backups, operate and/or restore network systems in the 2nd Node virtual server environment and replicate their primary data center SAN(s)to the 2nd Node SAN storage systems. Silver Peak network concentrators are used for accelerating and encrypting data communications for remote operations and production systems.
Hosted Core Solutions (Production, Failover, & Tertiary) – Hosted Core Solutions including production, failover and tertiary backup systems are key areas for Symitar client credit unions. 2nd Node offers hosted core services solutions to Symitar host system clients without the capital expense of purchasing and maintaining an IBM host system. 2nd Node provides options for solid state drives or SAN disk for data storage based on client operating requirements.
Business Continuity/Resumption Services – Business continuity and resumption services provides a solution for client institutions to utilize 2nd Node work space to house staff members, emergency teams, leadership and planning in case of a disaster. Many disaster recovery centers offer data center and equipment with no location for support staff or management teams to work. 2nd Node provides this service as a part of or separate to the Disaster Recovery Services.
Disaster Recovery Services – Provided to institutions that require assistance in a disaster situation, 2nd Node has the capacity to offer COLD, WARM and HOT data systems which can be used to operate client systems should the primary data encounter a disaster. Client institutions will be identified or approved based on regional diversity in order to insure 2nd Node can provide a quality service to support clients impacted by a catastrophic event.
Co-Location Facilities – Purely offering space with power and environmental control, including UPS, power generator, A/C, security, telecom connectivity, etc., is an ongoing need for many institutions. Whether housing the primary data center at 2nd Node or utilizing 2nd Node for housing data and/or redundant systems, 2nd Node provides a secure facility with server rack space, power distribution, cages, and environmental controls to meet the requirements of its’ clients.
Multi-Purpose Business Center & Meeting Rooms – 2nd Node provides state of the art multi-purpose meeting rooms with full audio and video conferencing capabilities. Rooms are equipped with Smart board technology for planning and presentations along with remote communication capabilities for collaborating sessions with other Smart Board equipped facilities. These rooms are excellent for offsite meetings, planning sessions, remote testing of work groups and network connectivity.
Intrusion Detection & Prevention Services – 2nd Node partners with Solutionary, an industry leader providing network intrusion detection services, to provide clients with network intrusion detection and reporting services. Individual management portals are provided for reporting and incident response and resolution.
Smart Hands Support Services – 2nd Node provides access to technical expertise in the areas of network operations, communications, systems, data management and assistance with break/fix support. Clients can be assured that 2nd Node staff can assist in helping them operate in a remote environment by having experts on location that understand the importance of systems and network availability.