2nd Node provides hosted production, failover, and/or tertiary backup services for your core systems, eliminating the need to build costly new data centers and/or retrofit existing space. 

With 2nd Node Production Hosting, organizations benefit from our extensive infrastructure and sophisticated processing environment.  Whether hosting the core or needing a second site for failover, 2nd Node is the first choice for your data center needs.

A Full Service Solution

With an ever growing demand to manage cost, improve efficiency, and increase capacity, organizations are increasingly moving to outsourced solutions as the alternative delivery model. 

Production Hosting with 2nd Node allows institutions to eliminate both capital expenditures required for in-house installations and the need for employee resources to operate and manage solutions.


Add to that Smart-Hands Support and virtualization for other business critical applications and 2nd Node delivers the confidence our partners require in a solid IT infrastructure. Environmental controls for temperature and humidity, fire suppression, along with UPS, all in an SSAE 16 highly-secure data center reassures critical IT infrastructure is protected. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)  

  • Off-site Hosting (SSAE 16 Facility)
  • Data Replication
  • Virtualization
  • Cloud Services
  • Fully Managed Equipment
  • Secure Infrastructure