Business Continuity


Business Continuity 

Provided to institutions that require assistance in a disaster situation, 2nd Node has the capacity to offer COLD, WARM and HOT data systems which can be used to operate client systems should the primary data encounter a disaster. Client institutions will be identified or approved based on regional diversity in order to ensure 2nd Node can provide a quality service to support clients impacted by a catastrophic event.
A Reliable Solution
Our comprehensive Business Continuity Services ensure that your organization is able to support the recovery of key business operations in the event of a disaster.  The reliability of technology services has become a competitive differentiator in a world focused on retaining customer market share and meeting customer expectation.  In a global market, where services must be delivered 24/7, the loss of technology services for even short periods of time can put your business at risk, as you scramble to recover and restore key operations.  Although most business organizations believe they are well prepared to manage a disaster event, research has shown otherwise.  A recent Forrester Research, Inc., study revealed that one of the biggest challenges to effective Disaster Recovery preparedness is planning, testing and maintenance.
A Remote Workspace for You
Business continuity and resumption services also provides a solution for client institutions to utilize 2nd Node work space to house staff members, emergency teams, leadership and planning in case of a disaster.  Many disaster recovery centers offer data center and equipment with no location for support staff or management teams to work.  2nd Node provides this service as a part of or separate to the Disaster Recovery Services.

Service & Support

For more information regarding 2nd Node, our services, and/or to speak with a representative please call (972) 201-1851 or email us at:

Key Benefits

  • Faster recovery of key business operations in the event of a disaster.
  • Retain market share and meeting user expectation.
  • More effectively manage a disaster event.
  • Provides location for support staff or management teams to work.
  • Aids in the coordination of staff members, emergency teams, leadership, and planning in case of a disaster.

A Full Service Solution

Regulators are now recommending that credit unions strengthen their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans with faster recovery times, failover/backup operations, and quality recovery centers for business resumption purposes. With 2nd Node, all of these services are available in the same facility.  
The 2nd Node Data Center is able to provide a full service solution for many organizations that need office space for recovery, operation support for staff planning, backup systems to restore to, and data center space for system redundancy and/or data replication.